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Delivision: Crafting Culinary Excellence for the UK Film & TV Industry

Welcome to Delivision, your premiere catering company dedicated to the dynamic world of the UK Film & TV industry. We take pride in providing delectable cuisine that not only satisfies the palate but also fuels the creative minds behind some of the most iconic productions.

Our History

Delivision was founded in 2015  by experienced chef, David Evans. With a lifelong passion for food and an unwavering commitment to excellence, David set out to bring a new level of culinary artistry to the sets of the UK’s most acclaimed TV productions.

Our Distinguished Portfolio

Over the years, Delevision has had the privilege of working with some of the industry’s biggest names. Our catering services have graced the sets of prominent broadcasters such as BBC, ITV, Netflix, Sky Television, and S4C, and have left a lasting impression on their productions.
Notable among our projects are the beloved BBC documentaries “Springwatch” and “Winterwatch,” where we’ve been entrusted with the task of providing nourishing and delectable meals to the dedicated teams working in challenging outdoor environments. Our dedication to using the freshest ingredients has been instrumental in sustaining their energy and creativity.

We’ve also contributed our culinary expertise to the heartwarming BBC series “SOS DIY,” playing a pivotal role in the transformation of homes and lives. Our commitment to quality shines through in every aspect of our work.

Our Vision

At Delivision, we don’t just view ourselves as a catering company; we are storytellers through food. Our mission is to make every meal on set an unforgettable experience, to complement the magic of the Film & TV industry with our culinary artistry.

With every dish we create, we strive to blend taste and nutrition, offering a menu that caters to diverse palates and dietary requirements, ensuring that the creative minds on set remain at their best, no matter how demanding the production.

Crew catering services

Production Clients

Our Regular Clients include:


  • BBC Springwatch
  • BBC Autumnwatch
  • BBC Winterwatch


What our clients have to say about us.

“I am Pleased to advise that David has provided the BBC with catering across seven large episodes, supplying in excess of 100 hot lunch and dinners each day to a very high standard.  On our Blackburn Shoot we were delayed and David remained on location for another four days at short notice.  I can honestly state that the Production team consider it the best catering in years and we are looking forward to booking them for next season.  The food is delicious, Dave and his team are polite and obliging with genuine skill.
With Best Wishes, Hamish Summers, Series Producer.

“Thank you for everything on ‘Kiri’.  This is the first time I’ve worked on a Production where I’ve had no complaints about the Catering.

By Far, the best Catering I’ve experienced ever.

Trusted to deliver by the UK Film & TV Industry


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