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How Does Delivision Help Increase Employee Satisfaction With Our Crew Catering Services?

Are the meals served by your catering kitchens consistently subpar? Why accept this when you can take advantage of our expertise during the crucial lunch break while working hard in production? That’s why you need good quality crew catering services from a reliable catering company like Delivision!

We have become a trusted name for crew catering for different companies in the UK with our fresh approach to pleasing every single crew member.

The secret to our success is consistent quality. We are experienced in providing a high-quality catering service to all production companies at any given location in the United Kingdom. We provide customised menus for each customer, bringing fine dining to your team. The service is non-obligatory and can be customised as per your needs.

Let’s find out how getting professional crew catering at your company increases productivity and employee satisfaction.

5 Key Benefits Of Having Crew Catering At Your Company

1. Boosts Morale & Productivity

Crew catering shows your company values its employees, boosting morale and overall job satisfaction. A well-fed team is more focused and energised, resulting in increased productivity and better work outcomes.

2. Time Efficiency

With crew catering on-site, employees save time travelling to find meals. This extra time can be channelled into work-related tasks, enhancing efficiency and improving work-life balance.

3. Encourages Social Interaction

Shared meals bring people together, fostering better relationships among colleagues. Crew catering spaces provide opportunities for informal conversations, idea exchanges, and team bonding, which can positively impact collaboration and innovation.

4. Health & Well-Being

Offering balanced and nutritious meals promotes healthier eating habits among employees. This, in turn, contributes to their overall well-being, reduces sick days, and enhances mental clarity, leading to improved decision-making.

5. Attracts & Retains Talent

A comprehensive employee benefits package, including crew catering, can set your company apart in a competitive job market. It helps attract top talent and contributes to employee retention, as individuals are likelier to stay with an organisation that invests in their comfort and satisfaction.

Another issue that might arise if you are in charge of food preparation is food waste, a major concern at corporate events. Incorporating crew catering into your company’s offerings isn’t just about food. It’s a strategic move that can lead to happier employees, increased productivity, and a thriving organisational culture, reducing food wastage simultaneously.

Trust Delivision For Nothing Less Than The Best!

Our crew catering is a division of our TV and film location catering that provides a variety of menus, including grab-and-go food and complete set meals. We also offer our tea, coffee, and cake units.

Our team will inquire about the expected attendees, any dietary restrictions, and the desired number of courses when determining how much food we must prepare.

Please feel free to take a look around our website. The information will give you an insight into the services we can and do supply, and for a more detailed information pack, contact us here at Delivision.

Please contact us to discuss your business crew catering requests or personal requirements. We are eager to hear from you!